Klepter International Group Ltd.

For more than 15 years Klepter International Group is well known in the Bulgarian and European market manufacturer of construction adhesives, products for facades and interior walls, cement-based plasters for XPS / EPS insulations, ceramic walls and floor tiles.

The products we offer are high quality elastic mixtures produced by Austrian technology for indoor and outdoor use directly on concrete, cement finishes and mortar surfaces.

Our products range is quality guaranteed with competitive prices with international exploitation certificates.\r\n\r\nOur company offers professional building refurbishment with KLEPTER heat insulation certified by Austrian standard with 10-year guarantee certificate.

We have our own production factory, storages and laboratory. Our team of experienced employees constantly observes the technology process which guarantees the quality of the final product. All the products are being tested in our laboratory.

Our main target is bringing quality products to the market satisfying the variety needs of our clients.


Adhesives 90
Plasters 95
Latex paint 85
Thermal insulation 75